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A Hebrew Israelite Congregation
The House of David is a Hebrew Israelite congregation. Its purpose is to teach those individuals whose forefathers are of Negroid and Indian descent scattered throughout every country and Island in the earth and mainly North, South, and Central America, and teach them about their biblical roots and true nationality recorded in The Holy Bible. Its aim is to learn and practice the biblical traditions of the Hebrew Israelites, also known as the Jews of the Nation of Israel, to reclaim their heritage and fully understand their historical origin and purpose in humanity.

Hebrew Israelite history can only be told within the historical context of the Twelve Tribes because they are of one nation, and have always been enslaved and mistreated by other nations (Gentiles). The bondage and experiences of the Nation of Israel have no equal. 

Somehow they always manage to escape the cultural death each nation (civilization) inflict upon them.  Somehow they manage to endure and survive physical bondage, and sustain through a cultural and spiritual awakening which is emerging unto this day. In the early 1800's many slaves began to identify their selves as the Hebrews of the Holy Bible.

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The True History of The Hebrew Israelites


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